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I'll reiterate what I've been preaching for several years now:

Don't fly without an AFR meter installed

Don't exceed 26 degrees total timing on mogas at full power

Don't fly unless you've properly set the Magnet Position parameter using a timing gun

Don't run anything less than 91 octane fuel

Don't run leaner than 11.5 AFR at full power with the factory cast pistons (11.0 to 1 is better). The EZ36 engines seem even more sensitive to AFR than the EZ30 and EJ25 engines.

Were seeing pretty consistent failures within 10-80 hours when people ignore these recommendations

I'm not exaggerating when I say, I've heard of dozens of similar failures now on all types of automotive conversions now, especially Subaru (one lasted 22 seconds). You can't expect factory car reliability levels unless you run similar timing and AFRs as the factory does with their ECU setups. The cast pistons in most engines are very marginal at sustained full power unless you run very rich. Add in higher coolant and oil temps than the car installation sees and the thermal margins for the pistons become even slimmer.

For wideband AFR setups we offer one which will display in the SDS programmer and should work with most glass panels too. $120 without boss, which is pretty much cost. You can see a photo of it here, about 3/4 way down the page:

You can also use PLX, AEM and Innovate ones which are available with a separate display if you wish..