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Membership List

Randy Russell H4 Quuinti/Warp RV9A Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. At 26.2 hours, I had a piston break - fixed. Now Gen 3 now is rattling. Teardown.

Benny Butler H6 IVO In Flight Adj Gen3V4 RV7 West Plains Missouri. 265 hrs

David Gilbert, H4, Quinti/Warp, Gen3V4, RV9A, Othello, WA, still building.

Mike Creer, H4 DOHC, Gen3V4, Zenith CH250, Indianapolis, IN, Building.

Carsten Schanche, H6 w. SDS ECU, Gen3V4, MT, RV-7A, Londonderry, NH, USA, cowl/fairings.

Allan Christer, H-6 w/SDS ECU, Gen 3.4, MT, RV-9A (destroyed in forced landing, but had 60 hours) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Will build again w/Lyc

John Stiegelmeyer, H6 MT prop, EXP bus, EIS instruments, Gen 3 v 4, RV-7A Vinton, Iowa, USA flying 44 hrs plus. cooling problems.

Glenn Murray, RV9A, H6, Gen 3v4, Sensenich 3 blade ground adjustable, Doylestown, PA. 205 hrs

Bob Beach, Zenith STOL CH 801, H6, Gen3v4, Ivo in-flight adj, Lafayette, La, flying since June 2007, 590 hours.

Dennis Glaeser, RV7A, H6, Gen3v4, IVO in-flight adj, Rochester Hills MI, flying since Mar 08 (165 hrs. as of Jan 10).

Kelly Landrum, RV6, H4 S/C, Gen3v4, Vari-Prop failure, repairing airframe after off airport landing and upgrading to a MTV-7 Halifax,Va. 255 hrs.

Heinz Leuters, Robin DR380, 2007 H-6, Gen3v4, MTV-18, Muenster, Germany/EUROPE, 220 hrs. as of June 2010 (flying since SEP 2008)

Carlos Trigo, RV-9A, Eggenfelnner early H-6, Gen3v4, MTV-7, Cascais - PORTUGAL, Ready to FLY

Larry Simpson, RV7A, Eggenfellner early H-6, Gen3v4, MTV-7, Tampa, FL, 125 hrs.

Pete Krok, RV-7A, Eggenfellner H4 (s/c), Gen3v4, MTV-7, Redlands, CA, 265 hrs.

DeWitt (Dee) Whittington, Sportsman 2+2, Eggenfellner E6 3.6L, "takeout engine" from a salvage yard. Sold Gen III v4 PSRU and bought Geared Drives 200Z Zero Offset. Will use Quinti-Sensenich 4-blade prop purchased with engine. After having report from Wayne Milbauer that his 3.6L/Sportsman overheated at over 85F, engaged Ed Klepeis of Tech Welding to build new radiators as large as will fit in cowl. "Sportsman" Egg cowl built by Zach Chase. Building with 3 partners near Richmond, VA. Hope to fly summer 2013.

Randy Crothers, RV7A, Modified STI w 10.4 to 1 Compression and no boost, Gen 3 V4 drive, MT prop, 270 hrs, Sedona, AZ, preparing for new turbo charger installation.

Andre Kerstens, RV-7A, Eggenfellner 2007 H6, Gen3v4, MTV-7, Knoxville, TN, 320 hours.

Jack Clark, Pensacola, FL, RV-8A, E6 3.0L, Gen3 V4 drive, MT Prop, Eggenfellner cowling, not flying yet. Need the do fiberglass work and finishing details.

Peter Rospert, RV6, H6, Rospeller Vari-Prop, Schwaebisch Gmuend, GERMANY, 50 hrs.