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These videos were made for informational purposes only. The maintenance videos show how maintenance actions can be done and NOT should be done. Similarly the fuel description videos show how an auto conversion fuel system can be set up and NOT should be set up. Draw from all inputs and do what makes sense for you. We take no responsibility for any negative events that might be related to people using these videos as a guide for their own maintenance actions.

With that out of the way let me say we owe a great debt of thanks to Robert Paisley who volunteered a lot of his time to perform these maintenance actions in front of a camera for the good of our own Subenews group. He was not paid for any of this. This of course was a big bonus for me as the maintenance was done for free on my own aircraft.

Frankly, I am a bit embarrassed about the way I sound on the video. It’s obvious that I can’t shoot video and speak professionally at the same time. Chuckle away.

I’ve also included still photos which relate to the Gen3 Gearbox video and the Fuel Flow Demo video. Also I took photos of the appropriate pages in the Subaru Service Manual which refer to the Timing Belt video and The Valve Lash video. Just print them out if needed.

We hope you all find this information beneficial. It’s part of our Subenews concept of everyone working together to make our engines safer and more reliable.

Pete Krok