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Completed Aircraft



FOR SALE: 2.5L supercharged single cam engine $7,900

FOR SALE: New 2007 E-6 Turbo 220 HP 3.0L Eggenfellner Subaru
This firewall forward (FWF) engine package was delivered to me in December, 2007 with only factory run time. The package comes with SDS ECU, high-output alternator, large radiators, Evans coolant, and the new Gen III v4 gearbox and turbocharger intercooler. This FWF package is wired and plumbed ready for installation on an RV10 but can also be adapted for other projects by modifying the engine mount to fit your project. I also have the E-cowling for the RV10. Sorry, but I've already sold the 4-blade Quinti/Sensenich prop. Asking $8500 for all. Price is negotiable. Reason for sale: I opted for the 350hp Chevy LS1 engine for my RV10 which I am now flying. Contact me at Bill Gipson, Conroe, TX (Posted 09 Jan 2011)

FOR SALE: Two Eggenfellner 3.0 Subaru Engines with Quinti 4 blade prop
Removed from flying aircraft. Also cowling for sportsman w/electric cowl flap, modified nose wheel bracket, backup 3.0 engine plus many items necessary for installation. I must switch to a light sport due to medical reasons. I gave the aircraft to my son in Alaska who insisted on switching to a Lycoming. I purchased the backup engine to try and convince him to keep the Subaru but obviously I failed and as of Oct it is now flying with a Lycoming. Asking $15000. Located in North Carolina. Wayne Milbauer, Sportsman #7106, wmilbauer --at--, cell 919-302-8928 (Posted 11 Jan 2011)

FOR SALE: Eggenfellner H6 Engine Package
Asking $9,750. 6 cyl Subaru 5hrs TT comes with RV 9A mount. Generation 3 PSRU. 190 HP. I purchased this for the propeller and other items that came with it. Don't need two so this one is available. Located in Moses Lake, WA. Contact Clay Johnson at 509 764 5418 (Posted 23 Jan 2011)

Parts/Misc Items

Various Aircraft stuff for sale

Bayonet (Tractor style) fuel caps and filler necks, new, set of 4. Spruce has them at $40 each. Sell all 4 sets for $15 each ( $60 total) + shipping. Louisa Va. Steve 540-661-2190

Subaru/RDU alignment tool and pins for sale. Located in Louisa, Va. $35 includes standard shipping. Steve 540-661-2190

Fuel pumps (2), working, removed from my Soob Glastar, for sale. Located Louisa, Va. $60, includes shipping, OBO. Steve 540-661-2190.

Dual Mass flywheel adapter and Spline from my Glastar 2.5 Soob, exc. condition and hard to find. $100. Steve 540-661-2190

Quinti hub, UHS 12in spinner, and three blade Warp Drive propellors', Steve 540-661-2190 Louisa, Va. see link below.

Gen 3 gearbox, ~ 760 hrs to date and running smooth. Also, have 2nd gear box bought as spare unit for parts/replacement, reportedly never used aside from run-ups and about 6 hrs on my Soob. $1200 or Make reasonable shipping. Louisa Va. Steve 540-661-2190

Matco parking brake valve with AN fittings and some mounting hardware $50.00.

Gen 3v4 gearbox, 20 hrs use - nothing wrong with box just changing to another design for the hydraulic prop option - $2,000 USD plus allow $400.00 freight from Australia. Contact Nigel Andrews,

EGG E6 3.0 EFI fuel pumps NEW with filters, hoses, and bracket. These pumps sell for $148.00 each, Will sell all for $190.00 + Shipping. Contact Darrell Olson.

Brand new Eggfellner G3 v4 PSRU. Never flown this gear box. $4000 delivered in the USA.

Dee Whittington, or (804)358-4333.

DynaVibe Prop Balancer. Took me about two hours to figure it out and get my value down to 0.02 ips. Very easy to use. Purchased three weeks ago from Aircraft Spruce for $1495. Asking $1150 delivered

Subaru heater kit off of my Soob Glastar. . Good condition. $50 + shipping Steve call or text. Pics available. 540-661-2190 Louisa, Vs.

Complete stainless exhaust system off of my Glastar 2.5 soob. One of the internal baffles partially broken but has not interfered with operation or sound. $50 + shipping. Pics available. Steve call or text. 540-661-2190

Original Egg radiators (2) with baffling off of my Glastar Soob. $50:+ shipping. Call or text. Steve 540-661-2190 Pics available.