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Member Projects


  • Allen Burruss, Glasair FT S-II Egg 3.6 major mods on Egg exhaust currently wiring


Sportsman 2+2




  • Mike Guarino, Sandy, Ut. H-6/four radiators, cowl flap, shark gills bottom of cowl, 2 external scoops bottom aft of cowl: 1. oil cooler and 2. engine induction air; MT7-C prop; 42 hrs. flight time

Adding sound attenuation materials/no mufflers/Can't communicate inside cockpit, therefore, radio xmissions are likely not readable.

April 2010: sound material + exhaust pipe extensions curving downward did the job. Pilot/passenger comm is excellent. May: One Airtec fuel pump faulty.... 57 psi, but hiccups under climb. Aux pump does the job OK. I am adding a NAPA clone of the airtec.

  • Jack Clark, Pensacola, FL E-6 mounted and generally finished. Will be installing a MT7-C prop. Will have an Eggenfellner cowling with cowl flap.

Just finished installing the throttle cable. Have several finishing details to complete then I plan to rivet the front top skin in place then start all of the fiberglass work.

My Builder site is:


  • Carlos Trigo, Cascais - Portugal, RV-9A with Eggen H-6 and MT prop
  • Dave Nicholson - Waverly, Iowa, USA RV-9A H4 Quinti/Warp N347N Flying since 11/04 156 hr.
  • David Gilbert, Othello, Washington, RV-9A, H4, Quinti/Warp, Gen3V4, finishing canopy
  • Richard Tasker, Randolph, NJ, RV-9A, H4 w/SC, MT three blade, Gen3v4, SDS ECU, lots of little stuff to complete


Zenith CH250

  • Mike Creer, Indianapolis, IN, H4 DOHC, Gen3V4, Building.