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Hi to all,

Posting on this system is new to me so forgive any stupid errors please. We have completed a Glastar fitted with the H6 and a 3 blade MT prop.

We have had several flights up to now and have sorted most of the problems encountered. So far the performance of the Engine has been superb.

We have the new generation drive ( Red one ) and noticed that the gap we set on the contact ring had widened. We queried this with Jan . Jan's initial response was that the prop flange had no play in it and would not be able to move forward. After more e mails on the subject Jan has accepted that this movement is normal and can be expected. The movement happens when the prop creates thrust.

We do not push on the prop when backing the Aircraft into the hangar. This means that our prop stays forward all the time now. The movement forward is the thickness of 2 credit cards.

Has anyone else have the same situation with prop flange movement ? I will try to attach a picture.

Thank you. Jack